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The WhatsKonnekt WhatsApp ChatBot is fast and easy to setup. Start your free trial today and see how easy it is to set up your own WhatsApp chatbot.

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No device required. No desktop software required. Cheapest WhatsApp API, guarenteed.
If you are looking to do marketing (spamming) with WhatsApp then we cannot help you.

How does the WhatsKonnekt WhatsApp Chatbot work?

Once you have registered with us, go to AUTORESPONDER / CHATBOT and then Manage Defaults Messages and Responses.
Create your first Message In (e.g. Menu)
Each "Message In" has two elements namely a "Trigger word" and a "Response"

So, you will create a table like this for example:

Message In (Trigger)


Main Menu
Welcome to ABC, reply with 1 to see our Pricelist, reply with 2 to see Specials, reply with WWW to get our web adress
Apples $3, Oranges $4 . Reply with Main Menu to see the options
We have Strawberries on special for $5 . Reply with Main Menu to see the options
Our web addres is . Reply with Main Menu to see the options

A user will then WhatsApp any of the trigger words to the number and the system WhatsApp him/her the answer as per the Response column. It is childs play to create your own WhatsApp Chatbot. Register and have your Whatsapp Chatbot live in a few minutes.

WhatsApp Business API pricing


most popular



Monthly subscription




Messages per month
Both incoming and outgoing are counted
Out of bundle messages are charged at $0.025 each
2,000 50,000 50,000
Replies within 24 hours
Replies after 24 hours Templated 1 Templated 1
Own dedicated number No 2 3
Shared number No No
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1. Templated messages carries a cost and uses fixed templated text.
2. The Pro number is for your own exclusive use but does not run through the official WhatsApp channels
3. The Enterprise number takes longer to obtain and is subject to WhatsApp / Facebook approval process

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