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Mapping of WhatsApp Location Pins , photos and data onto a Google Map

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No device required. No desktop software required. Cheapest WhatsApp API, guarenteed.
If you are looking to do marketing (spamming) with WhatsApp then we cannot help you.

Imagine the possibilities if you could instantly show WhatsApp Location pins, photos and text on a Google map.

Think of the fun competitions that radio stations can launch and the data they can collect.
Think how it can help roadside assistance companies to receive a pin, photo and registration number.
Think how citizens can report problems to the local authorities.
Think how restaurant chains can receive and view problems before they become serious.

WhatsApp is people's favourite app and they love using it. Make it easy for them to share data with you.

Sample of a Google Map with WhatsApp Location Pin, data and Photo

WhatsApp Business API pricing


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Monthly subscription




Messages per month
* See details below
2,000 10,000 50,000
Own dedicated number No Yes Yes
Shared number No No
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1. The own dedicated number takes a few days to obtain and is subject to WhatsApp / Facebook approval. A once off administration cost of $100 is charged to get the approval.
2. A shared number works like this: we link your users to the number and you will see only messages from your users. We have three methods to link your users to the shared number.

Message bundle detail.

Your message bundle allowance are as follows:

Type of message Basic Pro Enterprise
Session Messages 1,950 9,800 49,500
Templated Messages 50 100 500
Total message allowance 2,000 10,000 50,000

Session Messages. - A session begins when a user sends a message to the system. For 24 hours thereafter you can send freeform messages. After 24 hours only templated messages can be sent. Once the user replies the session starts again.
Templated Messages. - are messages that you send to customers if they have not messaged you in the past 24 hours. You are only allowed to send certain pre-approved templates after 24 hours of last contact.
Both incoming and outgoing messages are counted

Once you have used up your templated messages, we take from your session messages credits according to a scale. The scale depends on which country your messages are being sent to.

Out of bundle messages are charged at as follows::

Type of message Basic Pro Enterprise
Per session message $0.012 $0.009 $0.007
Per templated message Per country scale Per country scale Per country scale

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