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WhatsApp Business API pricing


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Monthly subscription




Messages per month
Both incoming and outgoing are counted
Out of bundle messages are charged at $0.025 each
2,000 50,000 50,000
Replies within 24 hours
Replies after 24 hours Templated 1 Templated 1
Own dedicated number No 2 3
Shared number No No
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1. Templated messages carries a cost and uses fixed templated text.
2. The Pro number is for your own exclusive use but does not run through the official WhatsApp channels
3. The Enterprise number takes longer to obtain and is subject to WhatsApp / Facebook approval process

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Benefits of using the WhatsKonnekt business WhatsApp API

1. The incoming data that is stored in a database. Access is password protected.

2. The data can be sent to your system via an API (Curl etc)

3. Your employees can communicate with people over WhatsApp without having to use their own phone numbers

4. No cellphone that needs to be charged or kept safe

5. Your whole team can view and assist with WhatsApp conversations

6. WhatsApp is now the world's most used app. In many countries WhatsApp enjoys very low data charges.

7. Instant access; start your free WhatsApp API trial today

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this platform to send marketing messages?

No, unfortunately you cannot send outbound marketing messages to people who have not yet contacted you. WhatsApp is very strict about spamming. You can however send messages to people who contacted you before.

How many messages can be sent in a second?

One message per second but that is enough in most cases.

On your Pro plan you says that you use a non-WhatsApp approved channel. How does that work?

It is complicated but 100% safe. The advantage is that you can use this plan without Facebook/WhatsApp approval. It is quicker and easier. Also, the official channels charges a fee if you want to reply later than 24 hours since last contact.

I have special requirements; can you help me with that?

Yes, let’s discuss your requirements. See our contact details at the bottom of this page.

What if I have an existing WhatsApp number (or want to vanity number), can you activate that number for me on your API platform?

Yes, as long as you can receive the WhatsApp verification message via SMS. This is only possible on our Pro and Enterprise packages.

Is the "shared number" sufficient to use?

In the ideal world you would want your own number but it takes extra time to set up and it costs more. The shared number works well. The shared number works well enough for many happy customers.

How does WhatsApp api tool work?

We use various tools to connect to the WhatsApp API. We then build various apps on top of this WhatsApp api connections.

Who are you?

We are a large web development company that is based in South Africa.

Explain the difference between official WhatsApp line and unofficial WhatsApp line.
The first is approved by Whatsapp / Facebook; they look at your business and Facebook profile before granting you a line. The downside is that after 24 hours you need to pay if you want to message the customers again and it can only be a templated message.

The second is an unofficial line. The advantage is that you can freely send replies after 24 hours without a "templated charge". The disadvantage is that there might be downtime if WhatsApp / Facebook changes their system.

What is a templated message

Message Templates are message formats for common reusable messages a business may want to send. Businesses must use Message Templates for sending notifications to customers.
This allows a business to send just the template identifier along with the appropriate parameters instead of the full message content

Can you do custom WhatsApp API development?

Yes please contact us with a short system description or sketch

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